Vehicle Identification Numbers:

World Manufacturer's Identification

Last updated January 16th, 2003


Position Section Information
1-2 WMI country code
2-3 manufacturer

4-8 VDS equipment codes

9   check digit

10 VIS model year
11 manufacturing plant
12-17 serial number
10 VIS model year
11 manufacturing plant
12-14 WMI suffix
15-17 serial number


The three characters of the the WMI provide a unique identifier for every manufacturer. The characters one and two indicate the country where the vehicle was built, while characters two and three designate the manufacturer (or division within a larger group).

Nation of Origin (Country Code)

Africa A - H
AA-AH South Africa
AJ-AN Ivory Coast
AP-A0 not assigned
BA-BE Angola
BF-BK Kenya
BL-BR Tanzania
BS-B0 not assigned
CA-CE Benin
CF-CK Malagasy
CL-CR Tunisia
CS-C0 not assigned
DA-DE Egypt
DF-DK Morocco
DL-DR Zambia
DS-D0 not assigned
EA-EE Ethiopia
EF-EK Mozambique
EL-E0 not assigned
FA-FE Ghana
FF-FK Nigeria
FF-FK Madagascar
FL-F0 not assigned
GA-G0 not assigned
HA-H0 not assigned
Asia J - R
JA-J0 Japan
KA-KE Sri Lanka
KF-KK Israel
KL-KR Korea (South)
KS-K0 not assigned
LA-L0 China
MA-ME India
MF-MK Indonesia
ML-MR Thailand
MS-M0 not assigned
NF-NK Pakistan
NL-NR Turkey
NS-N0 not assigned
PA-PE Philipines
PF-PK Singapore
PL-PR Malaysia
PS-P0 not assigned
RA-RE United Arab Emirates
RF-RK Taiwan
RL-RR Vietnam
RS-R0 not assigned
Europe S - Z
SA-SM Great Britain
SN-ST Germany
SU-SZ Poland
S1-S0 not assigned
TA-TH Switzerland
TJ-TP Czechoslovakia
TR-TV Hungary
TW-T1 Portugal
T2-T0 not assigned
UA-UG not assigned
UH-UM Denmark
UN-UT Ireland
UU-UZ Romania
U1-U4 not assigned
U5-U7 Slovakia
U8-U0 not assigned
VA-VE Austria
VF-VR France
VS-VW Spain
VX-V2 Yugoslavia
V3-V5 Croatia
V6-V0 Estonia
WA-W0 Germany
XA-XE Bulgaria
XF-XK Greece
XL-XR Netherlands
XX-X2 Luxembourg
X3-X0 Russia
YA-YE Belgium
YF-YK Finland
YL-YR Malta
YS-YW Sweden
YX-Y2 Norway
Y3-Y5 Belarus
Y6-Y0 Ukraine
ZA-ZR Italy
ZS-ZW not assigned
ZX-Z2 Slovenia
Z3-Z5 Lithuania
Z6-Z0 not assigned
North America 1 - 5
1A-10 United States
2A-20 Canada
3A-3W Mexico
3X-37 Costa Rica
38-30 not assigned
4A-40 United States
5A-50 United States

Oceania 6 - 7
6A-6W Australia
6X-60 not assigned
7A-7E New Zealand
7F-70 not assigned

South America 8 - 9
8A-8E Argentina
8F-8K Chile
8L-8R Ecuador
8S-8W Peru
8X-82 Venezuela
83-80 not assigned
9A-9E Brazil
9F-9K Colombia
9L-9R Paraguay
9S-9W Uruguay
9X-92 Trinidad & Tobago
93-99 Brazil
90 not assigned


Note that the sort sequence for characters in the VIN is A to Z, then 1 to 9, and finally 0, with the letters "I", "O" and "Q" not normally used.


With a total of almost 36,000,000 manufacturer codes it is not possible to list them all, but the ones below have links to decoding their VDS. Companies that have production of less than 500 units per year are (generally) assigned a WMI with the first letter of the company name in position two and the number "9" in the third position. A three-digit WMI suffix is then in positions 12-14 of the VIN, and the actual serial number is limited to the remaining three digits. In several cases, some American companies have received new, unique 4xx and 5xx codes.

AL British Leyland Rover Group
AU Motor Coach Industries Classic
BA Blue Bird bus
BB Blue Bird multi-purpose vehicle
BC Blue Bird truck
BD Blue Bird incomplete vehicle
BE Blue Bird
BF Blue Bird
BG Blue Bird
B1 Ontario Bus Industries
Orion Bus Industries
DF Ferrari SpA Dino
E2 Van Hool NV
FB Ford Motor Company bus (E350/E550)
FC Ford Motor Company stripped chassis
FD Ford Motor Company incomplete vehicle (cutaway cab)
FE Ford Motor Company incomplete vehicle (cutaway cab)
FF Ford Motor Company "glider" kit (no engine or powertrain)
FF Ferrari SpA
FM Ford Motor Company multi-purpose vehicle (Explorer)
FT Ford Motor Company truck
FY Flyer Industries Ltd./New Flyer Industries
GA Chevrolet van
GB Chevrolet van chasis
GC Chevrolet pickup
GD General Motors Corporation van chasis
GH General Motors Corp. Diesel Division
GJ General Motors Corporation van
GN Chevrolet Astro/Blazer/Suburban
GT General Motors Corp. Sierra pickup
G0 General Motors Corp. Truck & Coach
G5 General Motors Corp. Jimmy/Suburban
G9 Motor Coach Industries Classic
MH Mercury incomplete vehicle
M2 Mercury multi-purpose vehicle
M3 Mercury incomplete vehicle
M4 Mercury truck
M8 Motor Coach Industries highway coaches
NV Nova Bus Corporation
N9 Neoplan USA Corporation
North American Bus Industries
PC Prevost Car Compagnie
P9 Prevost Car Compagnie
RK Nova Bus Corporation
TU Transportation Manufacturing Corporation
V1 AB Volvo
VH Bus Industries of America