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Minotaur™ Online User's Guide - Working with Maps

To view a map, double-click with the mouse or press <Enter> on the keyboard.

The map will open in a new window.


Use the view menu to select how the map data is shown. Use the F6 to F10 keys to quickly change views.
The Graph Mesh and Graph Solid views can be rotated about all three axis using these keys:
7 - Rotate Z -5 degrees 8 - Rotate X +5 degrees 9 - Rotate Z +5 degrees
4 - Rotate Y +5 degrees 5 - Return to default 6 - Rotate Y -5 degrees
1 - Rotate Y +90 degrees 2 - Rotate X -5 degrees 3 - Rotate Y -90 degrees


Selected map data is highlighted in yellow.

To select a single data point, left-click with the mouse or use the cursor (arrow) keys.

To select a range, click and drag with the left mouse button or use shift and the cursor keys.

A range may also be selected by left-clicking on the start point and then shift-left-clicking on the end point.

The entire map can be quickly selected using Ctrl+A or Edit | Select All.

These methods work in all views; numeric and graphic.

The selected data can be incrementally changed by using the + and - keys on the keyboard.

To change data with the mouse, click and drag with the right mouse button (not the left!).

Changes can be clearly seen in graphic views when a second memory file is available for reference.

To change a single data point, double-click with the mouse or press <Enter> on the keyboard.

Data can be copied from other memory files by selecting Edit | Copy From... or pressing Alt+C on the keyboard.

The paste after copy option will automatically paste into memory 1; this makes it very easy to copy a map from another tuned file or to undo changes by copying the stock file loaded for reference.

To scale data using addition or multiplication, select Edit | Scale.. from the menu bar or press <Ctrl> + <Enter> on the keyboard.

An option to copy the existing data before scaling allows changes to be easily undone with Paste (Ctrl+V).

Select Edit | Blend... from the menu bar to blend maps by percentage.

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