With Minotaur™, now you can tune like the professionals!

Minotaur™ now supports the Moates QuaterHorse Emulator!
Minotaur™ Automotive Tuning Software

Just released! Minotaur™ v3.02

The latest version of Minotaur™ includes several new features including:

Modifiable Map Scaling
Adjustable X/Y Axis Zero Coordinates
Scaled or Fixed Map Axes
Full Support for 32-bit Float Memory
Up to 8 Viewable Binaries (1 Working and 7 Overlays)
Improved Map Blending from Overlays

NEW! Minotaur now supports the QuarterHorse emulator!

That's right. Minotaur will now be able to support full, 4-bank emulation using the popular Moates QuarterHorse emulator. No need to reflash the ECM to a desirable base strategy when live tuning your EEC-based PCMs. Just plug it in and go! QuarterHorse support is available to all existing Minotaur customers. Just download and install the latest version.

How would you like to tune your own truck like the professionals do?

Now YOU can tune your 7.3L and 6.0L Ford Power Stroke™ Diesel using the same 3D graphical tuning software that hundreds of tuning professionals use.

Don't be fooled by companies offering similar software with poorly documented, unscaled, inaccurate, and even damaged definitions. Power Hungry Performance has been tuning Ford vehicles for over 14 years and we have the best definitions in the industry. PERIOD! Just give us a try and you'll see why.

You're welcome to download the software for free and receive a limited function demo license so you can test-drive it! Simply enter the name "Demo User" (without the quotes) when asked and you will be up and running in no time at all.

Just click the link below to start your download.
Check out our Minotaur™ Tuning Package for only $695!

Minotaur™ Software
MDF (Definition) for the Requested PCM Strategy
All of our Standard Calibrations for the Requested PCM Strategy
17 Position Hydra™ Multi-Position Chip

Components may also be purchased separately, or can be combined
with other package options to receive significant discount.

Coming Soon!

Minotaur™ 6.0L Power Stroke™ Diesel Tuning Definitions

Our new tuning definitions will be compatible with all 6.0L Gryphon™
programmers or the brand new Power Hungry Performance HotFlash™ device.


Minotaur™ PROFESSIONAL Edition for only $2795
Everything You Need to Tune Like the Pros!

INCLUDES Definition Files for the following strategy families:   FA30T, FM20P402, TNAA4, TNAA5, TNAA7, TOAA4, TOAA5, TOAA7, VCAB0_02, VDAB0_02, VEAB10, VEAB20, VGAE9, VHAE9, VHAF5, VHAF7, VIAE9, VIAF3, VJAE3, VJAE7, VKAE3, VMAA8, VNAAA, VNAB1, VNAB5, VOAA7, VOAA8, VOAB1, VOAB5, VQAA9, VRAA6, VRAA7, and VSAA4

INCLUDES:  40 Tow, 80 Daily Driver, and 100 Performance calibrations for all Super Duty Trucks.

INCLUDES:  25 Tow, 40 Tow, 65 Daily Driver calibrations for all OBS Trucks.

INCLUDES:  One Blank 17-Position Hydra™ Chip, Minotaur™ Software and Manual (Additional blank chips available)


Check out our Online User's Guide!
Quick tips to help get started right away.

NOTE:  This software product is extremely flexible and is designed for users with a strong background in automotive performance and tuning.  As with most tuning software packages, there is a large degree of flexibility by which manipulation of data can cause major engine damage, transmission damage, or other drivetrain related failures.  Power Hungry Performance will not be responsible for any damage arising from the use of any tuning products or calibrations.  If you have any concerns or are in any way uncertain of your ability to safely tune your vehicle, we recommend that you do not purchase this software package and seek the advice or service or a performance tuning professional.

Our Minotaur™ Software and Diesel Tuning Training seminar includes two days of training -- 9AM - 6PM with a one hour lunch break; short breaks will be included through the day -- and the Minotaur™ Software Package described above.

At a minimum, this training session will cover How to Use the Minotaur™ Software, Diesel Tuning Training Basics including Fuel Injection Theory for the HEUI system, Injection Timing, Shifting Strategies, and Basic Modifications for Supporting aftermarket components. Other topics that may be covered if time permits: 6.0L PSD vs. 7.3L PSD tuning and/or tuning for gasoline vehicles.

We welcome other vendors to send their employees to the seminar to learn how to tune or just hone their skills, and we offer a discount for multiple employees from one company.

Please call for information about scheduling a class at our location or yours!

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